Hello, I'm Chris

To engage, help and support people in a time of psychological turmoil is my life passion. To see a person overcome their brokenness, to grow and have quality of life was the reason why I become a psychologist and psychotherapist.

I am a registered Clinical Psychologist (PS 0016284) based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa where I run my private practice besides virtual consultations.

My approach is mainly Psychodynamic orientated. It includes other therapeutic methods like Cognitive-Behavioural technique when it is indicated.

I see interpersonal  and  intra psychic difficulties linked to the history of a person and the influence of parental and other significant relationships. As well influenced by traumatic experiences during upbringing and later years.

My areas of expertise include:

  • Individual Psychotherapy
  • Diagnostic Assessments
  • Couples Therapy (including binational couples)
  • Forensic Assessments (court work)
  • Family Therapy
  • Psychotherapy Across Borders
  • Group Therapy
Chris Breedt


I can help adolescents and adults in the areas of:
Depression & Anxiety
Support and emotional processing when suppression and denial of emotions settle in as well as with irrational fear and ambivalent thoughts.
Marital Counselling
Helping couples (including bi-national couples) to improve their communication skills, conflict management and problem solving. Gain insight into unhealthy relationship patterns and change them.
Addiction Disorders
Any form of addiction e.g. gambling, sex, alcohol, substance. Helping you to recognise emotional pain and the connection to addictive behaviour and finding ways to heal from it.
Adolescent Adjustment
Helping adolescents to understand the source of their distress e.g. family conflicts, peer pressure, bullying, sexting, abuse, and how to deal with them.
Post Traumatic Stress
Debriefing and helping you to understand the dynamics of trauma. Using different techniques to guide you in learning and establishing coping skills.
Support for Expatriates
Assistance to adjust and integrate to a new culture with new roles, rules and relationships as well with changes in your job and career.
Suicidal Tendencies
Support in suicidal crises through professional interventions, exploring underlying causes and offering ways to overcome.
Forensic Assessments
Actively working within the legal and criminal justice system to asses and explain human behaviour in a criminal setting.

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Chris Breedt Reviews

Zinzie Magenuka
Zinzie Magenuka
06:51 13 Jun 22
The best that PE has to offer and all that I can... say is thank you sooooo much...read more
Maryke Potgieter
Maryke Potgieter
14:29 09 Apr 20
Excellent and cares about his clients very much
Lorraine Duncan
Lorraine Duncan
11:15 11 Feb 20
Excellent psychologist, the best I have ever... seen. Not one of those who looks down on you just because he is educated in that particular field and not one who will schedule an appointment and when you get there, not available it's his/her day off.I think he is brilliant and makes you feel at ease from day one!Thank you Chris, you are a star!! See you soon.read more
George Maree
George Maree
13:48 25 May 19
The absolute best councilors
Delano Els
Delano Els
10:17 13 Nov 18
Absolutely great. All I can say is thank you
Mark Ward
Mark Ward
10:58 12 Apr 18
Excellent Sessions - try the money mastery course
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